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The biggest decision in business is to go it alone; After that everything else is easy...

One of the most difficult decisions a person can make in life is to take the leap into self employment. We are here to advise on all of the basic information that you will need in your first steps into the world of debtors, creditors, HM Revenue and Customs and all the other things that will seem alien to you. We hope that with our help we will be able to see your business grow into something that your are proud of and you will be left wondering what all the fuss was about.


Self Employment

If your interested in self employment, no doubt you will have an abundance of questions and conerns before you get the ball rolling. We can arrange a meeting either at our offices, your home or place of work and go through things in as much detail as you need.We will be able to answer all of the most frequently asked questions:

  • How will my tax credits and other benefits be affected?

  • How do I pay myself?

  • Are there any of my existing expenses that I can offset against my earnings?

  • What happens if I need to re-mortgage?

  • When do I need to submit my tax return?

  • Who do I need to tell that I am now self employed?

Cashflow Forecasts

In the modern world new businesses often need help from banks and investors for the injection of cash needed to buy your first bulk order of stock or the tools needed to set you apart from the competition. A well drawn up cashflow forecast can go a long way to convincing lenders that your a serious about wanting to succeed. After a short meeting we should have the answers we need from you to provide you with a cashflow forecast to produce to your bank manager and, hopefully, get the injection of cash you need to start you business off on the right foot.  

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